Documentation you need

To expedite and ensure the smooth processing of your loan, please put together the following items to be returned with your signed application package. Please call with any questions while putting them together.

  • Paycheck Stubs. Copy of two recent paycheck stubs for any borrowers that are receiving a salary or an hourly wage.
  • W-2s. Copy of your last two years W-2s for any borrowers that are receiving a salary of an hourly wage. Please also provide W-2s if you have ownership in a corporation and pay yourself a salary.
  • Taxes. For self-employed individuals, a copy of your last two years Personal Taxes, including all pages, schedules and addendums. The state returns are not necessary. If you have ownership interest in a partnership or corporation, we’ll also need your last two years partnership or corporate taxes, including K-1s. If you are not self employed, but have unreimbursed business expenses, rental properties or any income streams on the side, then two years Personal Taxes will be required in addition to your W-2s. If you have an extension for your most recent tax year, then please notify me immediately; provide a copy of the extension as well as the previous two years taxes.
  • Awards Letters. If you receive income from Social Security, the VA, private pension or any other source, please provide a copy of the most recent awards letter as well as two check stubs supporting payments.
  • Assets. Your most recent monthly or quarterly statement for all financial accounts listed on the loan application. Please include all pages of each account statement.
  • Statements for Existing Mortgages. Whether we are processing a refinance or if you own a home but are purchasing another property, please provide a copy of a recent mortgage statement for each mortgage on each property owned.
  • Evidence of Insurance. For refinances, please provide a copy of the evidence of insurance on the property. Or, the name and telephone number for your homeowners insurance agent. For purchase transactions, please let me know who you would like to use for you insurance. I can provide referrals if you like. For condo refi or purchase transactions, you don’t have to provide this information.
  • Homeowners Association Statement. If you own a Condo or a home that has a homeowners association, please provide me with a copy of a recent homeowner’s association monthly statement.
  • Existing Second Loan or HELOC. If you have a current second loan or a home equity line of credit and we are not paying it off through a refinance transaction, then a copy of the Note for that existing second will be required. The Note can be found in the copy package of documents that was given to you when you took out your second or HELOC. The Note shows all of the terms associated with the second loan/HELOC.
  • Picture Identification. Most lenders request a copy of picture identification for all parties on the loan. A copy of your driver’s license, military ID or passport works fine. I find the best way to send any one of these is to take a picture with your smart phone, then email me a copy.
  • VA Loan Documentation. For VA purchase transactions, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Military Service for active Vets or your DD214 for Honorably discharged Vets. For the VA Streamline Refinance program, neither is required.

Before closing, a lender will require income and asset documentation to be no older than 30 days before closing.

Please keep updated paystubs and asset statements handy so when I need them, you can send them over right away. Please call me with any questions while looking for any of these items.